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Final Reality I

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About: Finaly Reality I is rpg game, we aren't related to (just roughly spoofed off of) any of the Final Fantasy games, or Square Enix. The OOC Mod journal is located at iguana_hunting, go there for questions, suggestions, or complaints.

Setting: Final Reality I is set in the world of Khali. Once a peacful land, Kahli has recently been under great tension. There's an evil force on the rise, the Ingas. Their goal is to destroy and gain contol of Kahli, one city at a time. Something doesn't seem right though, and everyone has a suspicion that the have higher motives. Our story starts off in the second city to be attacked in this new war, Iire.
The Ingas are brutal beast like creatures, they take no prisoners or leave no survivors. Those who were lucky enough to escape into the nearby forest lives were spared. The god of the Iire forest is said to protect the people of Iire, so the survivors are making their way to his shrine deep in the forest. Little do they know of the adventure that lies infront of them...


Rules: These are just general rules for members.
-Keep in mind that the user journals are the personal journals belong to your character.
-Community posts should be in third person form only.
-If you are going to play off a post, then leave a comment on the post you wish to play on. Please stay in third person and be sure that you are replying to the last comment posted not the actual entry (unless you are first to comment.)
-You can only control your character.
-If you are going to develope a plot involving someone else's character please consult the player first.
-Please make sure that you don't want to play off of an already posted entry before you post a new entry.
-Uhh, we need to be able to read your text. Decent grammar and spelling is a must.