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Final Reality I [entries|friends|calendar]
Final Reality I

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[24 Feb 2004|03:07am]

Location: Iire Forest
Characters: Ferny, Idalgo, Idelen, Lorik

Ferny is sitting under a tree thinking that he is looking damn fine. He has been separated from his group and feels slightly apprehensive, but that may just because Idalgo is around. Idalgo is bellowing about hooligans in the forest, how it's 'all gone to hell these days'. Ferny crawls over to the murky water of a nearby pond. He looks into his partially scum-covered reflection, softly whistling at himself. He stands up and inspects his ass, with much of the same result. Idalgo decides it's high time for some killin' and departs, leaving Ferny in peace. Tiring of his inspections he sits back down and decides that staring at one's own ass (even if it is rather a prime example of wolfish manhood) makes one appear rather gay. This being entirely too problematic for his image he decides to seek out Lorik, for if one were to gaze between the two, Ferny passionately believes, he would look far straighter by comparison.
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And so it starts... (again) [23 Feb 2004|02:59pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Location: Iire Forest
Characters: Idelen and Lorik

Lorik is sitting under a well shaded tree in the Iire forest, scribbling in his journal. He looks pretty mad, he had run away from Ferny and Idalgo (altough he could still hear them near by) they had been driving him crazy! So now he sat under a giant tree composing angst-ridden poetry. His ears perked as he identified that something was rummaging in the bushes behind his tree.

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[23 Feb 2004|02:54pm]

"I'm beginning to think there is no shrine!" taytoh exclaimed. He had been searching the forest for the past hour or so and the only thing he had found were some trees. Taytoh stood up on the branch he was resting upon and continued his search. He had tried many times to fly above the canopy, but he saw nothing but forest. "I'm sooo bored," he said. He than pulled out his flute and began playing while flying thorough the forest in search of the shrine.
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